22Mar 2016
I had safety concerns for my move. I knew I wouldn't be able to move the furniture without hurting myself. The furniture was too large and unwieldy for me to handle, even with my friends' help. We thought it best to get someone else to do it and we rang Watford Moving Firm . I soon had professionals taking care of the furniture removal so I was safe and the process went smoothly. I couldn't believe how well they did so I have to thank them for helping with my move.
03Sep 2015
I don't usually bother to give customer feedback when I hire companies like removals services, but Moving Watford's help with my recent move made me go that extra mile. I was very stressed after going through all the organizational tasks leading up to the move, so having a removals company I could trust took a big load off my mind. The team were not only very efficient and hard working, but also exceptionally friendly whenever I had a question or specification to let them know about. I would definitely use this service again.
Ray C.
08Apr 2015
I'm writing to thank Moving Watford for their professional man and van service, which helped me exponentially when I moved to my new home. Not only did I not have a car that I could use on moving day, but I also had heavy boxes, large items and fragile goods that I didn't want to see get broken! This company did a great job, and I don't have a bad word to say about the help they provided. I couldn't have faced moving without them - thank you!
Mary T.
29Jan 2015
Seriously, I couldn't have asked for more from WatfordRemovals. They were of real help with my relocation and I have no idea what I would have done if it weren't for their service. They helped me move everything into and out of the truck and they even helped me pack those sensitive items I was so nervous of. Five stars for an excellent job, really. If you need them, don't hesitate to call for their help.
Harley T.
06Jan 2015
My friends often say that I'm a bit OCD at home so when it comes to moving I like everything to go exactly to plan. WatfordRemovals were happy to do things my way, even if it meant a little bit more work and were always very co-operative with my requests. I did take on board some of their suggestions as well so I have to admit that I didn't have everything right this time. They pointed these things out in a tactful way through and were very helpful all round.
03Dec 2014
While I dread having strangers handling my belongings, the moving crew at WatfordRemovals handled my things with such care and safety that I had no doubts about letting them carry out the move for me. Their packing was an impeccable job, not a single item was broken or damaged. And the whole move was so well organized that I never had a single problem. Glad to have worked with such an awesome moving team.
Wendy T.
10Sep 2014
I tend to find that the best services are those who do things with a smile. You never feel hard done by if your plumber seems to be a genuine guy, and it is rare that a decent person will try and rip you off! At least that is what I found when I used WatfordRemovals on our recent removal. They were on time, efficient, well mannered, and extremely capable in everything from lifting to giving advice on things like packing. I would happily use them again, and recommend them highly to anyone else who needs a removals service!
Jose H.
13Aug 2014
Brilliant is all I can say. The guys who transported my furniture were excellent and took care of all the different items I had, including some quite fragile stuff as well which I was a little bit concerned about beforehand. However, from the moment they arrived they seemed to know what to do so I just let them get on and do it. It's also very pleasing as well that I ended up saving quite a bit of money by using this company instead of another company I was going to use originally. As it turns out, I don't think I could have chosen a better company than WatfordRemovals.
Lucy Maloney
16Jul 2014
In terms of ensuring that the job is done well, it is wise that anyone with some sense would go with WatfordRemovals for their removal. You never really know how well things are going to go until you have tried them out, but unfortunately, you can't really test these things in advance. I had a surprisingly good time with the team, as they were nice lads, and it was an easy job, so we got it done pretty quickly. The price was decent, and the job done well, so it was a sterling effort all round.
Philip Murphy
26Jun 2014
There's such a big number of companies out there who want to help you move these days, you're really got to make sure that you get the right one otherwise everything could go wrong. I've had the pleasure of working with WatfordRemovals in the past and they're now my go to service for situations like moving house or office removals. When we were moving at work recently, they were the name I put forward so I was happy when everyone was happy with the service they delivered. A top quality move once again, so wanted to say thank you.
Paul Lowe
11Jun 2014
I've used WatfordRemovals four times now and they always carry out their removal services really quickly and pleasantly. No hassle, no frills, just a great service carried out by a great, dedicated team. They can be relied and depended upon at short notice and can get to grips with complex moving jobs just as easily as smaller tasks. When they get started they do not stop until their work is done - and they always check to see whether I'm totally happy with their job before they consider themselves finished. Always feel safe using this lot - you should do the same.
Peter K.
21May 2014
I've had removal companies break my stuff in the past, so it was a blessed relief to see WatfordRemovals treat my property with the utmost respect at all times during my move with them. They even came equipped with tons of accessories to ensure my boxes were really safe in transit - what a class act! Their vans looked tip-top too - brand new and they smelled great! I guess that doesn't matter so much, but it's the little things that mark out a great company, and this is one great moving firm. Hopefully I won't have to move again, but if I do, I'll be using them again.
Jacqueline Kennedy
08May 2014
You have to hand it to WatfordRemovals, they do an incredible job for a very reasonable price, and it is not the sort of business model that I really expect in the current economic climate! For this kind of service, you can expect to pay a lot more, and when I booked them for their low prices, I was expecting a pretty shoddy job. However, I was extremely surprised with how excellent all the work was, and how wonderful the team were in making me feel relaxed throughout! An excellent service form a wonderful team.
Gail Montgomery
15Apr 2014
I recently moved house with WatfordRemovals and must say that they were excellent! There is a huge amount to be said for a company who pride themselves in great value, and the prices were indeed very low given the level of service that we got from them! I thought that the staff that worked on our move were perfectly nice, and extremely efficient, which certainly made things easier for us! If you want decent workers for a great price, then this is the company that you should call, they really were brilliant!
Jackie D.
29Mar 2014
I was moving in with my Mum, for a while after my boyfriend and I broke up. I didn't have a huge amount of possessions to move but I did need a reliable moving company as some of my stuff was expensive. She had a big place so space at her end wasn't a problem. A friend suggested I call a firm she had used in the past. All I can say is that WatfordRemovals worked nonstop from helping with loading, the delivery and unloading at my new place. The team was a friendly lot and did a great job.
Nora W.
19Mar 2014
I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised with the service we received during a recent move. I was expecting a few breakages, delays, bit of assorted confusion; the same kind of thing you get with every move. But that wasn't the case this time. Far from it. WatfordRemovals came in and took tremendous care of us throughout the day and left us feeling incredibly satisfied. Struggling to think of a way in which it could have been better, it really was a great service at a great price. So thanks again guys, would certainly hire you again.
Wayne Garcia
28Jan 2014
I was so impressed with the man and van that I hired from WatfordRemovals that Ii just had to write a review. I was given all of the help I needed to move and I didn't have to worry about anything. I felt as though I was in very safe hands when I saw how careful and skilled my mover was when moving my fragile and delicate items. Even the van was loaded professionally so as to stop anything from tipping or falling over while we were driving! This is a really great service - thanks for all the help!